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“Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” Because Poe wrote on both of them of course! Poe is a rather fanatical character who likes to enhance his stories with things that will shock normal people. Well known as the King of Horror he weaves interesting tales that would make any normal person cringe, but he wasn’t a normal person anything but, but really. He wove experienced tales that came from the murderers mind, penned them on paper, and then published them for the whole world to read. This method is the reason why “The Tale Tell Heart is so worth reading it draws the reader in by weaving a magnificent tale through people’s interpretations, Poe’s symbols, and the theme.
Interpretation or establishment of meaning; it is how a person takes another’s story. While reading “The Tale Tell Heart” a person in their right mind would realize that it was only a story about an old man getting murdered by the man who takes care of him, but abnormal people take it other ways. Some say that the heartbeats in the story that the killer hears are only insects and other noises coming in from outside. It is as if they are saying that the man is not crazy at all which could be rather believable. The talk of heartbeats brings about the fact of the “deathwatch” mentioned within the story. It is also said to be only crickets or insects of sorts, which could be reasonably drawn out if we knew what kind of setting they were in, but the story only reveals a room that they are in not if they are in a town or the country. That would bring about the answer to what the heartbeats really are. Whether they are insects or really just his imagination. (Robinson)
The next topic that people bring up is traumatic events that are associated with things of the unspe...

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