Essay on The Podcast, The Evolution Of God By Robert Wright

Essay on The Podcast, The Evolution Of God By Robert Wright

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The podcast, The Evolution of God by Robert Wright discussed the history of religion related to social organization. Robert Wright was born in Oklahoma and raised as a southern Baptist, and at the age of age he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. I decided to choose this particular topic because it was the topic I felt most familiar with and thought that I would understand it more. This podcast was a lot more difficult to understand than I thought it was going to be. I personally thought it was just going to address the story of how God evolved, which would I knew I was familiar with. For this podcast, Nancy Rosenbaum interviewed Robert Wright in February at the University of Minnesota. Robert Wright related this podcast to his opinion on the basic direction of the world’s social organization, which included hunters and gathers villages, ancient empires and now globalized society affect that it has had on our society and world. He believed that the effect that that has had on out environment has tended to be a good one because as our world grows and becomes more complex, the more people will be able to be interdependent and they would begin to see an adaptation for God.
Wright’s podcast related to the logical approach to religion, which included three separate religions. These religions were Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. He believed that these three religions served for a much larger purpose, something called revelatory. When developing his title for this podcast Wright thought about certain illusions. He said states that God’s are illusion and that history is an evolution of an illusion. He compared this to the hunters and gathers, that were mentioned earlier, because were there where only hunters and gathers t...

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...rsonally believe that God is a lot more than just a figure in the sky; he is someone who guides us in times of needs.
In conclusion, Wrights podcast was revolved around the direction of the social organization. It was a relationship between the religion vs. science and the atheist vs. faith. Throughout this podcast my religion was both confirmed and challenged. It was confirmed by the fact that some people get so caught up in their selves that they forget about others and forget about who is the greater power, God. I challenged my religion when he said he was not a Southern Baptist or a Christian anymore. This led me to become very confused of why he would stop becoming a Christian and was something I could not understand. Although Wright did make some good points throughout his podcast I was dissatisfied with the ending because of his current religion.

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