Pluto’s Unforeseen Future Essay

Pluto’s Unforeseen Future Essay

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Pluto was given its planet hood in February 18th 1930 and was thought to be the ninth planet in the solar system for over 70 years. Pluto was discovered by coincidence while Clyde W Tombaugh was in search for planet X. In the article “When is a planet not a planet?” by David H. Freedman it goes in debt about how Pluto went from being a planet in the solar system to being a dwarf planet after extensive argument on what a planet was. The definition for the word “planet” has not always been so clear especially for scientist. Pluto has been considered a planet since the 1930’s giving great pride to Americans because it was the first American found planet. The people were more concerned with how individuals would react to the demotion of Pluto. Those who questioned Pluto’s planet hood since the beginning were ignored by everyone who was excited for the American found Planet. It was not until 75 years later that scientist began to question it more due to its decrease in size over the years. There was a debate on what a planet should be. The debate shows how classification itself is a complex process that takes many years to be precise. In the 1930’s Pluto seemed to meet the criteria needed to be considered a planet, but as time passed scientist began to notice its differences from the rest of the planets. Many scientist seemed optimistic about the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet.
For many years, scientist had not come to a conclusion on what the definition of a planet was until 2006 after a meeting of the International Astronomical Union. The IAU had to come together for multiple years in attempts to come to a set definition for what a planet is. The article “When is a planet not a Planet?” by David H. Freedman ...

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...roid rather than a planet. Pluto’s planet hood was questioned by few since the beginning but there was not a set definition for what a planet was. The ongoing debate of what were the criteria a planet had to be did not come to a conclusion until 2006 when the IAU agreed on a definition. As Pluto was put in the spot light over its planet hood many ordinary people embraced the change by having young student learn about the ongoing debate. Although there were people who were open there were those who opposed the change. Classification is a difficult concept to grasp in a matter of a few years.

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