Essay Plot and Literary Style Must Interact in an Effective Way

Essay Plot and Literary Style Must Interact in an Effective Way

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Both the plot and literary style are elements that are unique to each author and his or her works. If these interact in an effective way, the reader will be able to fully understand both the story line and the message that the author is trying to communicate in the piece. Both “Blindness” by José Saramago and “The New York Trilogy” by Paul Auster are novels in which the literary style used enhances the plot of the story. Similarly, the storyline justifies the reasons behind the use of that author’s particular style.
Saramago’s style of writing reinforces the plot because it represents and explains the events and psychological struggles endured by each individual in the novel. In Blindness, the narrator does not reveal the characters’ names, but treats them in a more impersonal way by using physical attributes, relationships, and professions to address them. For instance, when the book first starts, the reader discovers that a man who was driving his car has suddenly become blind. The narrator does not provide the reader with his name until he visits the Doctor, an ophthalmologist that attends his case, who first refers to him as “the first blind man.” The use of characteristics as names plays a role in the overall effect of the characters’ blindness given that it adds effectiveness to the story. References like “the boy with the squint” and “the girl with the dark glasses” seem effective since using physical characteristics to “name” the characters, although they are unable to see others, is something that "gives life" (change later)to the plot. When six new members enter the ward the doctor’s wife, referring to a blind policeman, says “he too knows that names are of no importance here.” Another interesting characteristic that i...

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...e reader to decipher who the speaker is and what message they are trying to communicate. This gets problematic as more characters appear for instance when the new blind internees enter the ward, and as they introduce themselves, “two of the men spoke at once.” Another important aspect of the plot in Blindness is the portrayal of the theme of human nature by means of detailed descriptions of the human behavior. The narrator constantly describes the actions of the main characters within the novel. The description is so detailed that at some points it turns into graphic descriptions of events that people usually do not openly discuss for example rape, sex, and other human activities such as going to the bathroom. These events portray the nature of human beings, and it is by means of exhaustive description that Saramago gets the reader to truly understand the concept.

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