Plot Analysis Of ' The Sound Machine ' Essay

Plot Analysis Of ' The Sound Machine ' Essay

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Plot, Character and Setting in “The Sound Machine”
Every day we hear many sounds around us, however, have you ever hear the terrible sound from the pain of tree? In the short story, "The sound machine" was written by Roald Dahl, it focus on the character who is Klausner heard the terrible sound. This same story was directed into a film by Zahid Chohan. There is same content, but some details are different, however, it did not change the main point of the story. The basic story involves Klausner who invented the machine. Then he came to the garden and suddenly he heard the terrible sound from the headphone as his neighbor was cutting the rose. In the next day, he attempted to take experiment as he took the axe into the greet tree, and then he also heard the sound from the hurting of the tree. Finally, he called his doctor to come to there to hear the sound. Unfortunately, a doctor did not hear the sound except him. There are some differences in the way that the author and the director describe characters, plot, and setting in the short story and the film, however, the overall meaning is similar in both of short story and the film.
In the short story "The sound machine", the author described the plot step by step with many details to catch reader 's attention. In the beginning of the short story, Klausner invented the sound machine that it heard the pain from plants in the warm summer. Then, he took this machine to the garden. He heard the terrible sound from his headphone when his neighbor was cutting the rose. In the next day, he took another experiment, he put axe into the tree in the park, and actually he heard the high sound in his machine. It made him boring and upset. He decided to call his doctor to hear this sound. Unfortun...

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...racter managed in his house with his machine, and then he went to the park to hear the terrible sound. At the end of the short film, the audience also sees the character go to the garden to put the knife into the greet tree. When director changes the details in film from the short story, then it does not change the main idea of the story. The social setting in 2008, the film is published later than the short story.
In the conclusion, there are many differences between the short story and the film. Actually, the short story contains more details than the film. Besides, the character in the story is more emotion than the character in the film. Finally, the difference of the setting is a little bit between the short story and film. However, the different is much; the audience and the reader also understand clearly the main idea of the author in both of film and story.

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