The Plight Of The Middle Class Essay

The Plight Of The Middle Class Essay

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The plight of the middle class has become a controversial issue amongst the media as growing income inequality has risen in the nation’s consciousness (Boushey, 2012). The steady increase in income inequality in the United States is known to be actually shrinking the size of America’s middle class. (Miller, 2014). The famous philosopher, Aristotle, “pointed out that if the working class disappears, then the poor will become the majority. The poor are often less educated than the rich, and usually tend to struggle just to make ends meet. If the poor are the majority, then in a democracy they will vote to take away the money from the rich” (Why Inequality Matters, 2015).
Levels of inequality and the financial stress on the middle class have risen dramatically and have reached a point that motivates a closer investigation. The interaction and concurrence of rising inequality with the financial collapse and the Great Recession have, in particular, raised new issues about whether a weakened middle class and rising inequality should be part of our thinking about the drivers of economic growth (Boushey, 2012).
In fact, over the course of the past decades, the United States has experienced a significant change. While income growth stalled for the middle class, the livelihoods of those at the top continued to rise on. Further separating themselves from the rest of the working population. Somewhere around 1979 and 2007, the most recent year before the Great Recession, median family income ascended by 35 percent, while salaries for those at the 99th percentile rose by 278 percent (Boushey, 2012).
Taking money from the middle classes has been wrenching candy from a dozy baby. What matters now is that their value system holds together, as vag...

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... a healthy standing democracy, different strategies have been developed to settle the problems that threaten a striving middle class. Today, America’s middle class has shifted into a period of slow decline due to income inequality and poor political policies. Aristotle’s six theoretical concepts were proposed to help clarify why a strong middle class is important. While other economists like Gar Alperovitz focused on plans to promote economic growth and cut down on financial disparity. The number of policies that can be drafted to Congress, with regard to improving our middle class are staggering. Negotiating fair wages, lowering monthly mortgage, and decreasing school debt are of the many steps to expanding the middle class (Madland, 2013). Once laws are enacted in favor of the middle class, the bourgeois will further grow and democracy will continue to flourish.

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