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Pleasantly Proper Penguins-Everyone’s Favorite-MIller
Penguins are high on the list of animals that people love the most. It’s easy to see why. Penguins look like little people all dressed up in their black and white formal suits. Penguins are simply beautiful animals to watch. The penguin's appearance is important to its survival. As everybody knows, penguins cannot fly. They spend most of their time in the water. Their incredible behavioral abilities help them in their environments. Many people are surprised to learn that penguins live in the southern regions of the world where it is not always cold. Penguins are uniquely adapted to their habitat. Because they live by the water, their diet includes a variety of fish from the oceans of the world. Penguins have many predators in the water and on land. The penguin’s appearance, habitat, behavior, diet, and predators combine to make this animal one of the most fascinating creatures in the world.

The African Penguin is covered with black and white markings.They also have sharply pointed black beak, and they have dot-like markings all across their chests(“African Penguin” para. 2). The Emperor Penguins have orange and yellow feathers on the head and neck. Emperor Penguins can grow to be 130 cm (50 inches). Emperor chicks have silver-gray feathers(“Emperor Penguin” para. 2). Penguins look like submarines and their shape helps them cut through the water. Penguins have solid bones making it easier to swim. Penguins have waterproof feathers while some flying birds like the owl don’t have waterproof feathers. Penguins have solid bones while flying birds have hollow bones(“Penguin” pg. 4)

When penguins swim at top speed, they leap out of the water. Penguins rock s...

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...There will undoubtedly be long lines to view the penguins once their exhibit reopens at the St. Louis Zoo in 2015. Until then, penguin fans will have to watch their incredible swimming and diving antics via live webcam. What an awesome show it will be!

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