Essay on Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital

Essay on Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital

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Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital is currently in the growth stage of a horizontal integration strategy; operating in a simple structure with low organizational complexity. There is a low degree of formulation and specialization with no professional management structures in place. Currently, the owner/president holds all decision power which can lead to over load on the President/CEO as the organization continues to increase profitability and obtain a larger geographic reach.
The recent acquisition of Moore Animal Clinic, boarding facility expansion at the PGAH clinic, and future hopes of offering an extended 24 hour clinic will require moving from a simple organic organizational structure to a more mechanistic functional structure; thereby ensuring strategic competitive positioning, delegation, and accountability. This may require recruiting and hiring a general business manager who shares PGAH’s cultural values, and will oversee the functional areas of R&D, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting. Doing so would create a greater division of labor; thereby, allowing for more efficient monitoring of performance and allocation of capital.
Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital differentiates themselves from their competitors by their commitment to superior quality service, as well as offering the newest digital technology and surgical units available. Therefore, in moving to a functional structure it is important that PGAH remain committed; allowing creativity and customer responsiveness to thrive while keeping cost minimal, and encouraging balance between current knowledge and exploration to achieve a sustained competitive advantage. In order to maintain their best practices it is important that the clinic develo...

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... Plan - offer extended workday and weekend hours.
• By November 30, 2018, hire 5 new clinic personnel.
• December 31, 2018, all new personnel trained.
• January 2, 2019, start offering extended hours for the vet clinic.
Appraisal of Results and Recycling of the Planning Process
Quarterly evaluations should be done to assess employee’s skills, knowledge, and work ethics. If inefficiencies are found employees should receive additional training in the areas that improvements are needed. .
Every six months determine which advertising strategies are working and which are not. To do so, on each new patient paper work and online orders add a section asking, “How did you hear about us?” For special promotions ask customers mention a specific offer code in order to receive the promotion. The offer code should correspond to the current advertising campaign and offer.

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