Plea Bargain, A Good Evil Essay

Plea Bargain, A Good Evil Essay

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Plea Bargain, a Good Evil.
The United States Constitution is a document created by our founding fathers to give people rights and the government responsibilities. The laws and regulations in this document must be follow and abide by every single person that lives in this country, and the government has the obligation to enforce it. Unfortunately, because of the time in which it was written and the language that it was used many amendments and clauses are left for interpretation creating controversy as to the meaning of it. The biggest challenge is to keep this document, which was written hundreds of years ago, current to this day and age. It’s important to remember that back when the constitution was written the population was significantly different from what its is today, cities were smaller and the criminal justice system wasn’t as over-saturated as it is today.
Under the sixth amendment the constitution of the United States grants a fair and speedy trial, but what is a fair and speedy? In many cases is a matter of opinion and interpretation.
With new challenges new solutions rise, and in eagerness on finding solutions to expedite the justice process the plea bargain became a tool, that will help prosecutors solved cases without having to go to trial. At first it seem to be beneficial for both the prosecutor and the defendant. As explain on the American Bar Association website a plea bargain will help everyone involved in the process; The prosecutor will save resources by not litigating the case, the defendant would not have to spend thousands of dollars on defense attorney, and courts would not have the load of every case going to trial. Even though this process might aid a few it should not be treated as the sole solut...

... middle of paper ... being offered a deal in which they will not participate on making just agreeing.
To conclude, the constitution and the criminal justice system in general has to adapt to the present time in order to better serve the public. Nevertheless, the United States constitution has transcended for hundreds of years still the law of the land. With this in mind is important to recognized that that changes have occurred. Plea bargain is a popular trend use all around the country because it helps prosecutors, defense attorneys and the criminal justice system in general to decongest courts all around the country. By arriving to an unanimous agreement the offender is offered a lesser sentence that potentially can be beneficial for him/her. The down side of this system is that the offender is not given the chance to be heard in court and his case to be decided by his/her peers.

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