Plc Construction And Application Has Been An Eye Opening Experience Essay examples

Plc Construction And Application Has Been An Eye Opening Experience Essay examples

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PLC construction and application has been an eye opening experience. PLC’s are not known by many educators and they do not realize the great benefits they offer. PLC’s are rarely implemented in rural schools and is not on the forefront of the educational innovation. Students of all ages, races, and educational levels can benefit from the implementation of a strong PLC.
PLC’s can be difficult when implementing especially when trying to get the teachers to agree to it and finding the time for the process. Administrators and teachers personal lives are very busy and it is hard for them to find the time to prepare a PLC. Teachers that not tenured will refuse to try something new when state testing scores have their jobs’ at stake. Although, tenured teachers are unwilling at times to change their curriculum to try something new. This can mean that there is not enough time for building a PLC.
Administrators can be busy with daily tasks with managing assigned schools, hardly have time to gather information and resources to start a PLC. With this being said they show allocate their time wisely and have an understanding that this process may be long but will have multitudes of benefits for both students and staff. This can be a tedious task, but administrators should really encourage teachers that they can build a strong PLC. Administrators that communicate attending meetings, trainings and workshops during the year can have a well-planned PLC.
It is very important for collaboration and for staff to be open when growing a PLC. As a PLC is in progress, educators should be open for constructive criticism. It can be very uncomfortable at times; we must strive for the reward at the end. Studies have shown that PLC’s can be an ...

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...eachers can tailor their teaching methods to best serve each student’s learning capabilities and unearth which methods are more effective in teaching each student.
One area that should be studied in regards to PLC’s is that of the willingness of seasoned teachers to create and adhere to a PLC. Many seasoned teachers have experienced great success with their current methods and strategies, may be more resistant to try such an innovative technique.
The research and writing required for this paper was informative and can be a strong asset to MPS. Even though a PLC’s have not been implemented in all schools, this paper should provide the necessary start for the creation to share with other schools. Creating a PLC can be a struggle, but if all staff collaborates together, the implementation and enhanced student achievement can be within reach.

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