Essay on Play Is Not Waste Of Time

Essay on Play Is Not Waste Of Time

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In Kindergarten school, some parent believes play is the best way for young children to learn the conceptions, skills, and set a solid foundation for later school and life success. In the other hand, many parents disagree and believe play is a waste of time, messy, noisy, and uneducationall. I believe play is not waste of time, but it something worth to fight for, in this presentation I would show parent the main importance of some of the numerous kinds of play, and why play is a fundamental basis for improving children’s ability to succeed in school and life.
To clarify the importance of play I would first explain what is the character of play in early childhood
Play is not a separate from the curriculum; play is the best tool to apply the curriculum. It 's not giving children free play separate from learning. Rather, during circle-time, and activities, teachers use the power of children 's evolving ideas, interests, and experiences to promote learning throughout the play.
“Research shows that every competency important to school success is enhanced by play For example; high quality pretend play is related to children’s abilities to begin to think abstractly and to take the perspectives of others. Connections between the complexity of children’s pretend play and early literacy, mathematical thinking, and problem-solving are documented in this research literature”

Why children in kindergarten need play?

1- Motor/Physical development
Let 's start with a picture of children play with blocks, Lego, soccer, or drawing, etc.
Play gives the opportunities for children to develop both individual gross and fine muscle strength. Many people experiencing health problem...

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...lling a story. It develops their oral language skill and the ability for telling stories, which lead to the ability to comprehend subjects such as social studies, and science in the school later on.

Finally, let’s stop stolen their childhood, we are diminishing their joy, diminishing their sense of self-control. Stopping them from discovering and exploring the activities they love and increasing the chances that they will suffer from anxiety, depression, and other addition, play gives children the opportunities to apply mental symbols of the world to new items, people, and situations which is the key ability for future academic learning. Also, play integrates all types of learning physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and language development, finally children are engaged in things they’re interested in, so they have a natural motivation to learn

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