Essay on Play Is A Fun, Spontaneous Activity Using The Imagination

Essay on Play Is A Fun, Spontaneous Activity Using The Imagination

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Play is supposed to be a fun, spontaneous activity using the imagination. It is a good form of exercise, 20% of a child’s energy is spent on play. There are a few different types of play: social, parallel, sociodramatic, and locomotor. These forms of play vary between the child’s age, maturity, and physical development. The first type of play you see in children happens from birth to about two years old. Social play is the playful interaction between child and parents. Little games like peek-a-boo would fit in to this type of play. The next form of play happens from age 2-3. Parallel play is when children play next to each other but there isn’t really any social interaction. Sociodramatic play happens when children start to think and imagine things. They engage with same age peers and learn to problem solve. Around that time locomotor play develops as well. Locomotor play includes running, jumping, and play fighting is common with boys.
It is important that children have time to play at each stage of their childhood. At each age though the type of play varies. From birth to 12 month...

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