Essay on Play In Infants : Play Analysis

Essay on Play In Infants : Play Analysis

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Play is an important aspect of life. Play provides physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth. Play serves the following functions in infants as a means of smiling, laughing, touching, grabbing, crawling, rolling over, and walking. In the first-year infants discover and learn about themselves and the world they live in. Play allows infants to use their five senses and move through different stages of development promoting bone and muscle growth. Through play infants overcome fear and anxiety when they are in unknown environments such as hospitals and encountering new faces that are not familiar. According to Burns-Nader, S. Hernandez-Reif, M. & Thoma, S. (2013), “To minimize the anxiety associated with medical visits, health care facilities employ certified child life specialists. Child life specialists promote typical development and minimize the stress and anxiety of hospitalized children and their families by providing (a) opportunities for normalization, (b) specific information regarding their hospitalization, and(c)therapeutic activities. Play has been found to help children cope with stressors, such as a hospitalization, because it allows them to express their fears and anxieties in a manageable way.” Since play is the best way that infant learn, they also develop important concepts of love, safety, happiness, trust, language, communication, and physical skills.
The play toy is a cylinder-shaped cardboard container that can be rotated in a circle and is composed of bright sparkly colors. There are a variety items on the toy to provide different shapes and textures such as smooth, rough, and bumpy textures. The circular shape of the toy allows the child to become familiar with different textures and shapes. Bright spa...

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...apy”, 2017), Children may feel scared, confused, and out of control. Play therapy is used to help children understand and cope with illness, surgery, hospitalization, treatments, and procedures”. Therapeutic Play Therapy is one in which the nurse allows the infant to play with her pen light, stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff and simple instruments before procedure. When play is implemented in the hospital setting for assessment and treatment, the infant is not alarmed, anxiety and fear is decreased. Play in the hospital help children express their feelings and adapt to environment by meeting the infant’s emotional needs. Play is fun for all children and is used in many different settings. Play will always be an important aspect for many children and will continue to stimulate growth, developmental skills and self-learning abilities throughout childhood.

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