Play Education in the Classroom Essay

Play Education in the Classroom Essay

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Play Education is an ideal strategy for elementary and pre-elementary educators to use in their classrooms because it incorporates fun and spontaneous activities into education to help students explore the world through their senses.
Play is one of the single best ways for an educator to be able to get the child’s brain fully stimulated. Since play is dynamic, it is an ever-changing process that is interactive, creative, imaginative, as well as multi sensory. This means that play helps to facilitate a child’s sensorimotor and physical development as well as develop cognitively. According to Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky, “ It seems to me that from the point of development, play is not the predominant form of activity for helping younger children learn it is the LEADING source of development” (Armstrong, Thomas)
Play also helps promote social learning skills for the children. This is due to the fact that while children are playing certain games, for example “house”, children are able to create roles based on what he or she experiences around themselves in everyday life, and forces then to be able to adjust their own play behavior to accommodate to the needs and demands of their peers.
Social and emotional growth is also an area that play education helps children

develop in, through play children are able to safely and constructively express their emotions and concerns in a constructive way. For example you may have your students use puppets to manipulate the way that they feel or draw pictures of their emotions and how they should handle their feelings.
When children start playing they are able to mix the contents of their imaginations with the real world and through this process they are able to create something s...

... middle of paper ...

...solving and pre-literacy & concentration. but it also helps create essential social skills that will help children to express their stress and problems. That is why play education is valuable for every schools curriculum.

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