Platonic Dualism versus Atman Essay

Platonic Dualism versus Atman Essay

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Dualism Vs Atman
“What is really real?“ is a question that one has pondered at some point in his or her life. When this question is proposed many basic things become a complex never ending winding staircase of unsolved mysteries. Two philosophers who sought to find the answer were Plato and Shankara. Plato is found in history as one of Socrates star pupil and can be said to be one of the greatest philosophers in western philosophy. Shankara was commonly known throughout Indian philosophy. The two philosophers developed two ways of thinking: Plato Dualism and Shankara the concept of Atman. These two ways of thinking are alike but different in numerous ways.
Platonic dualism can be defined as a metaphysical theory that two fundamentally different things, usually characterized as mind and matter (body), are real. # In our reality we have physical things such as rocks, light, electricity and our own brains. But since there are physical things there are mental things also such as ideas, sensations, spirits and Gods. According to dualism, humans consists of two parts: body and soul. Our soul has the power of thought which is considered the most powerful thing. For instance, lets say we always look at people for their physical attributes, we may see the person as attractive, their body features are perfect for us but if we fail to look at the other half which is their mental being then we are deceived by looks in the end. If all we do is look at things physical then we can assume the wrong idea.
Shankara’s Concept of Atman is the Hindu notion of True Self or pure consciousness or the Brahman within. Atman has five sheaths unlike dualism whom has two parts. The five sheaths of Atman are: 1.) the bodily self consisting the essence of ...

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...l?” comes from within. A person can not determine what’s really real until they look at everything from a physical and mental point and comes to accept things not for how they are physically but how they are mentally. Not one theory can describe what’s really real because how do we ourselves know what is really real.

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