Plato 's Epistemology : A Tale Of Awakened Knowledge Essays

Plato 's Epistemology : A Tale Of Awakened Knowledge Essays

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Plato’s Epistemology: A tale of awakened knowledge.
If we are completely ignorant to the world around us, then how can we know we are in the wrong? According to Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave, the answer is simple. We don’t know we are ignorant. Plato wrote this parable as a dialogue between his brother, Glaucon, and Socrates, his former teacher. According to Plato, this particular epistemology was the ideas of Socrates, but because Socrates could not be bothered with writing his teachings down we will have to take Plato’s word for it. Many scholars would argue that the theory of forms was the work of Plato, he just chose to be the mouthpiece for Socrates. Regardless, I am glad Plato thought to write this down. I have related to The Allegory of the Cave in a personal way and I believe this epistemology to still ring true in our current society.
While I believe the entire work is important and relative I want to focus on the prisoner who doesn’t know it yet, but will be set free during the story. I understand much has changed since 380 BC, so it would be unu...

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