Plato and Aristotle's Ideal Views of Politics

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Plato grew up within the spewing turmoil that would become Athens, after its failed attempts at democracy, and Aristotle who was educated in Athens under his teacher went on to mentor Alexander the Great of Macedonia. Though both had varying differences in their ideal governmental policies. Plato in his Republic would have his great city of Athens follow a monarch known as the Philosopher-King, while Aristotle in his talk of Politics would have the demos, the people rule, the very people that ruined the city his mentor grew up in. I am one such person, that deeply enjoys the idea of a monarchial government, and knows that the supposed democracy that America professes to have is not worth continuation. Though I find flaws with Plato’s ideal king, I am convinced that I would rather have a monarch upon the throne of government that would rule the people justly and fairly. Aristotle would have the state follow the rule of the people and the rule of the majority through his democracy. He states that each member of this democracy has a share of goodness and intelligence that makes the jus...
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