Plato, Alexander The Great, Aristotle And Of Course Socrates Essay

Plato, Alexander The Great, Aristotle And Of Course Socrates Essay

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The study of philosophy has been around for more years than I could ever think of. Philosophy is the study of the existence of things and why different events fold out the way that they do. When we separate the word philosophy we get “phil-”, meaning love, and “-sophy”, meaning wisdom. The word philosophy simply means the “love of wisdom”. Some of the great philosophers are Plato, Alexander the Great, Aristotle and of course Socrates. Socrates can probably be credited with founding western philosophy. Western philosophy is the study of western culture and things of the sort. Socrates was a man despised by many but also admired by others. Socrates was always willing to talk to people throughout the city. Instead of him teaching these people new ideas, as many people thought he did, Socrates would question them and let them think for themselves so that they may come up with their own ideas and opinions. Socrates was very fascinated with wisdom and what it meant to truly be wise. He says many different things on this subject throughout his life. Throughout the Apology and book seven of The Republic of Plato Socrates strongly believes in Socratic wisdom. Socrates believes that being wise is not portraying to know everything when you don’t, but to accept the fact that you may not know everything and learn the truth so that you may truly become wise.
Socrates views of wisdom are first seen in The Apology during his trial. Socrates is being prosecuted by a few men of Athens: Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon. These three accusers say that Socrates has been corrupting the youth with his false teachings, publicly ridiculing the “wise” people of the city, gaining monetary profits from teaching people the things he knows, making the...

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...This goes to show that Socrates still believes that being wise is all about knowing the truth and not what you think you know.
Socrates views of wisdom are consistent throughout the Apology and Book VII of The Republic of Plato. Socrates wants people to question whether what they know is really the truth or not. When one finally learns the truth then they become wise. I believe Socrates views stay consistent because in both readings Socrates makes numerous different points that being wise is knowing the truth and not portraying to know everything. I think Socrates has these same views in both text because during the time of the Apology majority of what Socrates talks about has already happened in the past. Socrates had the same views when Plato recorded his entries for The Republic of Plato as he did during his trial speech that was recorded in the Apology.

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