The Platform Of The Android Platform Essay

The Platform Of The Android Platform Essay

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The Android Platform is a software stack composing of a few key components. It was designed to support mobile devices and the creation of applications. The components of the android platform can be viewed as “layers” (see photo in Appendix). The layers from lowest to highest are, the linux kernel, system libraries, the android runtime, the application framework and the applications.
The linux kernel provides a permission architecture so that you can restrict access to data and resources to only processes that have proper authority. It also handles memory and process management. Finally it also allows device drivers to be plugged in so that android can communicate with a wide range of hardware components like cameras and radios. Android’s linux kernel includes its own power management services and its own interprocess communication mechanism which allows multiple processes to share data and services.
The next layer includes a variety of system libraries which are generally written in the c and c++ programming languages. These library handle a lot of the core performance sensitive activities on the device like updating the display and using web browsers. Noteworthy system libraries include the media framework library which takes care of audio and video services, the surface manager which handles the display and the webkit library which enables browsers to be used by the devices.
This layer also includes the android runtime. The two main components of the android runtime are the core java libraries and the Dalvik Virtual Machine. The core java libraries make it easier to develop for android. They include packages that help with specific software functions that a developer would want to use in their application. The second part of th...

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...KD managers, AVD managers, logcat. Essentially, it contains everything the team will need to develop the app.
An application can be dissected into three parts: model, view and controller (M, V and C). The model contains all the data and the current state of the application. It takes care of data storage, integrity, queries, consistency and mutations. The view is the visual presentation of the application. The view can be split into two subgroups, view and view group. A view is any visible object or command on the screen, a view group is a specific way of organizing a group of views. The controller listens for user input and updates the model and view accordingly. It receives, interprets and validates inputs and can create and update views. The activity class in the android studio is where the controller can be modified to create the functionality of the application.

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