Essay on Plastic Surgery : The Risk Of Perfection

Essay on Plastic Surgery : The Risk Of Perfection

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Plastic Surgery: The Risk of Perfection
In today’s society has paint a picture in which beauty is curvaceous goddess with fare complex and sex appeal. This portrayal of the standard of beauty has convinced and blind society to believe that on must achieve such look to be happy or feel good about them. These standards of beauty are projected through the media, magazines, advertisements and the ideal beautiful portray. Many people feel that the only way to achieve such looks is through the process of plastic surgery, women especially. Women feel an immense amount of pressure to achieve a certain look to be considered beautiful. Plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which in helps to alter the appearance and functions of the body. Over the cosmetic procedures have become a norm and many people see it as a necessity in order for them to love themselves. These standards of beauty have become a tool, in which measures a woman’s sense of worth. This sense of worth has become more accessible due to society’s due to the acceptance and availability of surgical procedures today. Although plastic surgery can help to improve patients’ appearance and self esteem through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, it can lead to poor conquensces, emotional issues and even death. Today there have been forms of these cosmetic procedures that have left patienets disfigured and other times they have help patients achieve a certen look. These surgeries have Medical technology and advancement in the cosmetic surgery field has opened up doors for almost any augmentation someone may wish to have on their body. It seems easy for people to find flaws in their physical appearance when one looks at the variety of surgeries available and the conve...

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...ical feature an individual chooses to change or fix on their body. According to Northwestern University Medical School, “advances in technology will accomplish another transformation of the specialty, notably the recent advances in tissue engineering, the potential of gene therapy, new alloplastic materials, and computer-assisted imaging technology”(). In today’s society, pop culture and media have played a key role in how their consumers perceive cosmetic procedures, especially our youth. The media has created an underlying pressure to look a certain way, which has allowed a vast amount availability for these plastic surgeries to fix the flaws of our youth. Technology has allowed society to create a sense of pressure to enhance itself in the lives of women and men, while technology allowed for such demands to be met and extended the potential of cosmetic surgery.

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