Plastic Surgery Good And Bad Essay

Plastic Surgery Good And Bad Essay

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Plastic surgery good and bad

There are so many good and bad things that can come from getting plastic surgery. This essay will tell you all the effects, good and bad, that come from getting plastic surgery. The main reasons that people get plastic surgery are Medical, Personal, and at times for career enhancement. Though we all should be satisfied with our looks we aren’t so one way of going about fixing it is by plastic surgery. Some people choose this method sometimes as a way of medical recommendation. Another way is for personal use and just to feel better about them. The last effect of plastic surgery is in some ways to advance in the career path you have chosen. There are so many reasons why people choose this but this essay will focus on these three effect as well as the negatives that could occur as a result of unsanitary or just bad work.
The first effect of plastic surgery is self-confidence. Both men and women are recipients of this procedure, though women are mainly publicized for getting the surgery. A lot of people are just not confident in the way they look physically and this causes a lack of want to go out and be an active member of society. Weather it be they feel ugly or not as pretty as their friends a lot of people turn to plastic surgery to help build them up. Women for example get a breast augmentation to enhance their chances of finding a mate. Now don’t get me wrong that is not the only reason women get the produce. Another reason is to help the after effects of being
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pregnant. The wear and tear on the breast of a mother can cause a lot of lasting effects on certain parts if not the whole breast so the option to make their breast look more like it did before the children they have had th...

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...y $160,000. On botched this show centers on procedures that have gone wrong. In once instance the show features a woman named Alicia that has had a breast augmentation that has gone completely wrong from the position of the implants to the location under the skin where they were put in.
All in all there are so many negatives as well as positives from Personal satisfaction, life saving and career growth all the way to the negative of it becoming an addiction. Plastic surgery is here to stay, weather you like it or not. As stated in the essay there are many ways this procedure has impacted so many peoples lives and although some may not agree with this people want to look and feel a certain way, or need that boost of self-esteem just to live. We all have our reasons for wanting it and for not wanting it but who knows maybe one-day plastic surgery will save your life.

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