Essay on Plastic and Fantasy in U.S. Advertising

Essay on Plastic and Fantasy in U.S. Advertising

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The United States is a country that has an over flowing number of magazines and advertisements that give citizens an unrealistic image of how they should portrayed. These magazines and advertisements are filled with models and celebrities who sometimes make an individual feel insecure about herself or himself. Most Americans are now turning to cosmetic surgery in order to obtain the appearance after observing these images. The citizens of the United States who turn to cosmetic surgery often times do not realize the potential risks involved. Cosmetic surgery is not an operation that should be taken lightly; no one should go through it unless it were to be for reconstructive reasons.
When people hear the word ‘plastic surgery’ the following comes to mind: liposuction, botox, and a face lift. Often for psychological reasons, people look to plastic surgery for improvement of outer appearances linked to self-esteem. There is another type of plastic surgery and it is called reconstructive surgery. The differences between these two are that reconstructive surgery rebuilds missing or lost structures with the goal to restore function after an accident or injury. There are men and women in the United States that are not aware of the risks of cosmetic surgery. Two for example will be expenses to have it performed and the possibility of death occurring.
Patients can encounter at any surgery “…the same dangers of infection, unexpected reactions to anesthesia or other medications …” during and after a cosmetic procedure (Sexton 2). At any given moment death can occur if the procedure is not done correctly. The surgeon has full responsibility of giving the patient anesthesia before and during the surgery, in addition to adjusting th...

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