Essay about The Planning Of Care From Case Study Part A

Essay about The Planning Of Care From Case Study Part A

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The following case study report focuses on the planning of care from case study part A. Emily was an eight year old girl living with two chronic and complex illnesses; type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and Crohn’s disease (CD). The importance of guiding principles delivered by the registered nurse (RN) used to plan nursing care within the health care setting will be defined and examples will be given that relate to Emily and her experience. A discussion of the overall role of the RN in the management of a patient with chronic and complex conditions will be explored and an analysis of how the RN collaborates with the interdisciplinary team to coordinate comprehensive nursing care will also be determined and subsequently examined.

An increasing prevalence of chronic illness results in more nurses who are involved in the education and management of chronic and complex disease and as such, nursing care must be acceptable and appropriate to patients (Mahomed, St. John, & Patterson, 2012, p. 2539). Ensuring that patients continue to maintain their wellness after discharge is essential to preventing further symptoms and relapsing into clinical care (McCann, 2014, p. 21). Therefore, appropriate utilisation of the guiding principles must be efficiently undertaken in order to increase successful patient led health care participation (Mahomed et al., 2012, p. 2539).

Guiding principles.
There are three guiding principles towards the collaborative management of Emily and her family; self-management, empowerment and advocacy. Self-management is simply defined as the undertaking of obligation for one’s own behaviour to maintain well-being (Oxford Dictionary, 2015). Furthermore, self-management requires a person to implement strategies to manage ...

... middle of paper ... et al., 2015, p. 66). Parents take the primary responsibility for their children and act as agents of change (Brimble, 2008, p. 119).
For example, Emily is eight years of age and while she physically appears no different from other children her age, she has little understanding of the long-term problems of diabetes and why control of her symptoms is fundamentally important (Caltabiano, Sarafino, & Byrne, 2008, p. 560). Balancing the intake of food from rigid eating routines and dietary restrictions whilst maintaining adequate exercise, ritualistic blood glucose monitoring and subsequent insulin injections are all too complex for an eight year old to implement. Therefore, it becomes the parents’ responsibility to regulate and implement Emily’s diabetic regimen until she reaches the maturity to perform the tasks herself (Caltabiano et al., 2008, p. 560, p. 561).

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