Planning Horizon Of 4 Years For The Competencies Essays

Planning Horizon Of 4 Years For The Competencies Essays

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Planning Horizon

I have set an overall planning horizon of 4 years for the competencies I wish to develop. While there are a few I would like to develop sooner, I believe it is realistic that I can be fully successful in most, if not all of the competencies discussed within 4 years. This planning horizon also corresponds with other life goals I would like to accomplish, such as finishing my Human Relations M.Ed. program and moving back into a leadership role.

Domains of Focus

I have identified several domains I would like to focus on over the next few years. I have selected six domains that include competencies I would like to improve, as well as three I would like to make sure I maintain. Within each domain, I then selected specific competency areas to focus on.

The domains with competencies I would like to improve on are organizing, problem solving and troubleshooting, planning, analyzing, supervising and managing. The domains with competencies I would like to be sure to maintain are observational, relating, and leading.

Rationale, Status, and Examples

Areas needing improvement:
This is a competency area where I feel I have an opportunity to find balance as I am strong in some aspects of my life but have room for improvement in others. I find this is not an area that has clear differences between different segments of my life. For instance, professionally, I am extremely organized when I am putting together a fairly complex comprehensive exam or recruiting event. However, if one was to look at my email, there is room for improvement. At home, I am great at keeping track of all the little details, such as planning family events and keeping track of when the bills are due. However, one look at my home office ...

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...s me not to trust my gut instinct. For example, we recently went to a Holiday of Lights parade where they were selling various light up toy items for kids. I found myself over-analyzing the choice of which one was the best to buy my son. The over-analyzing of my decision even took place after the purchase, where I found myself seeking validation from my husband that I had made the right choice. Aside from making decisions, I find myself being overly analytical in other aspects of my personal life as well. I am detail-oriented and tend to ask a lot of questions in order to learn all of the details I feel are necessary to know. My husband has told me "not to worry about it" and to "go with the flow" more than once. I would really like gain better control over my analytical skills and learn to use them only when I need to, instead of over-analyzing things I shouldn 't.

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