Essay Planning For The Sustainability And Repurchase Program

Essay Planning For The Sustainability And Repurchase Program

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employee stock ownership can create a burden of long-term planning for the sustainability and repurchase program; not all employees can be able to purchase stock. According to the case, Atul believes in a total compensation between 0-10 percent based on employee’s salaries could play as a “trade-off” for a “supportive and respective work environment” (Calo et al., n.d.).
Selection of and Justification for Selected Alternatives
According to Hitt et al. (2014), acquisition helps to achieve a greater market power and market size since a firm will be able to sell its products and service to a much larger consumer base. In this case, the acquisition of TTI would help TEOCO to increase its client base from primarily domestic (North America) to the international market. Acquiring firms within the same industry are considered as a “horizontal acquisition” (Hitt et al., 2014). At TEOCO, setting a flexible company policy focusing on core values and core competencies would result in a higher performance while helping to develop new capabilities and skills from the acquired firm. On the other side, continuing to embrace the culture of shared leadership and entrepreneurial spirit within the company is an effective framework TEOCO needs to integrate. This will create opportunities to exploit through innovation and determine the best way to manage the company’s strategic leadership. Aside from having an employee stock plan, an all-hands meeting and an advisory team, encouraging employees to embrace the culture of openness and honesty to the new employees are highly considered under a post-acquisition strategy. Employees who are active in participating in the company’s matters usually outperform those who are not. Hitt et al. (2014) discuss a ...

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...lans for each unit with clear objectives.
5. Reinforcing action plans by deeply involving in employees’ engagement initiatives (“Management Employee Engagement During Times of Change,” 2013).
TEOCO is one of the examples of a culture that highly cultivates shared leadership and principled entrepreneurship. Due to lack of innovation and slow growth, it is time for TEOCO to implement strategic changes in terms of an effective M&A and HR strategies. Since the telecom solution software industry is considered as fragmented and highly competitive, Atul needs to catch up with the current situation by making strategic decisions to save his company from troubles. Not only TEOCO needs to focus on having an effective shared leadership and employee ownership to maximize talents, but also adjusting several changes and merging culture to fit the company’s status quo.

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