Planning For A Construction Project

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Q#1 1. Planning of activities: The construction engineer should identify every activity of the project in a successive order. Every activity should be planned in a timeline for pursuing of construction project. 2. Construction Techniques: Make Plans that can be adopted for different construction activities according to the site condition and planning for tools and challenges for each activity so that they can be made available whenever needed. 3. Planning for Construction Equipment: Cost of a construction varies with the use of construction equipment as their renting cost could be very high per day. So, planning for such equipment and machinery should be done in advance so that project activities goes on smoothly without keeping these equipment in waiting. Project should be intended in such a way that the productivity of these machinery could be greater. 5. Planning for skilled Labor: Construction activities requires availability of skilled person to perform that work. It is not necessary to employ such person during the project, so proper planning of such work can cut the cost of operation for that activity. 6. Planning for required documents and drawings: Construction projects are executed based on the drawings and specified codes and regulations. It is necessary to track and make available these drawings at site on time so that the construction activities are not stopped. 7. Financial Aspects: Financial aspects of construction is the most important aspects. Different expanses are required at different stages of construction project. Proper planning of resources for construction helps the project proceed efficiently. There is no point in investing all the budgeted amount on the construction project during start of the project. T... ... middle of paper ... ... reduces the cost of design and preparing contract documents. • Its information is uniform and shared with all participants. Microsoft Project: Microsoft project enables project teams and project works, finances. Microsoft Project is designed on such a way to help users set realistic goals for project teams and customers by making schedules, distributing resources and managing budgets. Advantages of Microsoft Project: It provides the timeline view of the project Can handle the multiple projects into a single master project Baseline facility can be useful to measure the progress of the project. Podio: Podia is a software for forming team communication, business processes, data and information in project management workstations Advantages of Podio: Podio is fully customizable Easily import the excel spreadsheets Podio offers reference data from one app to another.
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