Planning Events That Benefit Society Need Time, Effort, And Help From Others Around The Community

Planning Events That Benefit Society Need Time, Effort, And Help From Others Around The Community

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Planning events that benefit society need time, effort, and help from others around the community. Kroger is a grocery store corporation within our community that has an upstanding reputation for making charitable donations and helping with charity inspired events. Therefore, making Kroger our primary partnering choice for our charity event. Currently, our group is coordinating a blood drive that would also partner with the American Red Cross charity. The target audience for this event will be students attending Stephen F. Austin State University and other members of the Nacogdoches community as well. This blood drive will be beneficial for not only the community, but for any company that is involved. For us, and the appropriately labeled “Bleeding Purple Blood Drive”, Kroger would be the most optimistic choice choosing a store to partner with.
If Kroger accepts the offer of being an honorary sponsor of the blood drive, it would be partnered with The American Red Cross charity. The American Red Cross is widely known for supporting humanitarian events such as emergency assistance, relieving the community of disasters, and providing education to communities around America. Leading to the American Red Cross becoming one, if not the most, recognizable charity in the United States. While it is known for primarily being an American organization, it also provides relief for communities around the world. Since its creation, they have been involved in aiding people from nearly every natural or man-made disaster in the past hundred years. In fact, every year the American Red Cross is responsible for responding to large amounts of emergencies around the globe. For example, “between January 1 and December 1 of 2013, the American Red Cross ...

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...“Bleeding Purple Blood Drive” would actually benefit Kroger more than it would cost it. Although it may not initially make a difference financially, it can almost be guaranteed that this event is going to benefit Kroger. According to these facts, donating to our charity is well worth the risk and we are whole heartedly behind it and we would be appreciative if Kroger would stand behind the “Bleeding Purple Blood Drive” event as well.
In conclusion, Adding Kroger to the list of our sponsors would be a privilege that would not be taken lightly. The “Bleeding Purple Blood Drive” is going to mutually benefit both Kroger and the people in need of blood transfusions. We look forward to learning of Kroger’s decision to become involved in what could be the charity even of the year for the city of Nacogdoches and that a successful event could lead to future partnerships.

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