Planning and Organizing a Receational Activity for my HNC Social Care Graded Unit Project

Planning and Organizing a Receational Activity for my HNC Social Care Graded Unit Project

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From my social care placement, I have chosen to assist a service user to partake in a recreational activity for completion of my HNC Social Care Graded Unit project. This part of the project will consist of planning and organising the activity.

Throughout the planning section I will be disclosing personal details of the service user which I have learned from having permitted access to his support plan, and from conversations between us. During a recent consultation between my placement supervisor, the service user, and myself; permission to use this information was obtained – on the understanding that it was specifically and exclusively for the purpose of my Graded Unit Project only, and that the details documented were assigned to an alias to maintain confidentiality.
Therefore, I will refer to the service user via the pseudonym of ‘David’ for the remainder of this project; which will keep my practice within confidentiality guidelines issued by The Scottish Government [TSG] (2006) and the Data Protection Act 1998.

David is a nineteen-year-old man who lives with his non-identical twin brother, mother, and father in a council housing estate flat in North Glasgow. Both twins were born blind and delivered prematurely due to unspecified complications in his mother’s pregnancy. David and his brother have been in receipt of support services from my placement organisation since they were children.

My placement organisation has been registered with the Care Inspectorate since April 2011. They describe the organisation as a “voluntary care setting in South Glasgow that supports service users of all ages with varying degrees of mental, physical & sensory impairments” (Care Inspectorate, 2013).
My role is in wor...

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...MSOC (2013). Functionalism and Inequality [PowerPoint slides] available at STCMSOC website; (pp.6-9)

• The Scottish Government [TSG] (2005). National Care Standards - support services (revised march 2005) [PDF] available at The Scottish Government website; (p.10)

• The Scottish Government [TSG] (2006). Common Law and Statutory Obligations of Confidence [webpage] available at The Scottish Government website; [accessed 24/03/14] (para.2)

• West College Scotland (2004). Stages of Care Planning and Recording an Effective Care Plan [PowerPoint slides] available at; West College Scotland, Education Care and Sciences, Health and Social Care Moodle Site;

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