Planning and Being Organic in Innovation Essay

Planning and Being Organic in Innovation Essay

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Innovation that is unexpected by the customer makes a lasting impression in the market place. To create something unexpected allows for customers to be surprised and courted with new and fresh ideas. This process must generate a wow factor as well as be methodical in it’s approach. The balance between planning and being organic is essential to innovation.
When the innovation process is followed, the results are nothing more than powerful. Innovation that follows SILA, or Strategic, Innovation, Leverage, alignment model, solidifies the stage for success. To outline SILA, the strategic portion lays out a plan of action because innovation must be viewed as a purposeful strategy in order to have the biggest effect on an industry. Innovation is a means to achieve the strategic plan. Then planning moves to leveraging the organizations resources to best formulate the the plan. This way, innovation has the best chance to become what the organization envisions. Alignment is the most important piece to the puzzle. This is where the culture, mission and resources are all put on the same page to give a full and meaningful approach to innovation (Product Innovation Educators, 2012).
One methodology to innovation is by having a product or service take hold in the market place quickly. This is the goal for most approaches, but what sets this innovative approach apart is that while at the bottom of the market it is very simple and moves up towards the top all the while displacing its competitors in a relentless manner (Christensen, 2014). The reasoning behind disruptive innovation is that companies innovate faster than the customer desires leaving the market place full of complicated and expensive products or servi...

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