Planning a Karaoke Party

Planning a Karaoke Party

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You're sitting at home planning a party. You've got your list of invitees down. A cupboard full of chips and dips, and a cooler full of beer. You go to your computer and start putting together some mix Cd's of your favorite music. As you gather the songs you notice yourself singing along with one, and your eyes widen, lit up as you a struck with an idea.

"I should have Karaoke at my party!"

Brilliant! What could be more fun that a Karaoke party? The answer: a lot of things, if you're not careful! While Karaoke is a pass time enjoyed by people of every age, race and gender, it's also something you have to be in the mood for. So what happens if people show up to your party and aren't in the mood for Karaoke? Get them in the mood.

There are three basic steps to throwing an amazing Karaoke party, and it all starts with invitations.

Step 1: Inviting your guests
With any luck, everyone at your party will have a blast, but do you know who won't? The people who don't show up! Karaoke is always fun with a good sized crowd, but if you aren't careful, you may loose half of your guests. It's all about how you present your invitation. There are two different types of people you will be inviting to the party; people who love karaoke, and people who like karaoke. The difference is this...

People who LOVE karaoke - Make sure they know this is a karaoke party! This will be the smaller of the two types, but they are also the most important. They will go out of their way to attend, and you will need them during the party.

People who LIKE karaoke - The easiest way to help ensure they will come is to avoid mentioning karaoke, and just tell them you are having a party. Why? While it is true that they enjoy karaoke, if they realize your party will focus around this activity, come party day they may think, "I'm not really in the mood." With people who just like karaoke, this can often be the case, and the number of people attending can make or break a party.

Step 2: The supplies
First and foremost is the karaoke machine. RENT ONE! Unless you own a professional karaoke machine, you should get one. This might seem a little expensive, if you buy yourself a cheap one and then try to supply yourself with a good selection of music, you'll end up spending a lot more, and getting a lot less.

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A good way to cut on costs all around is set up the party with a small group of friends so you can all split the bill.

Just as important as the karaoke machine is the food and beverages. It is a party after all. As far as food goes, avoid really heavy foods. Things like "pigs in a blanket", meatballs, or any sort of dinner foods. These foods will make your guests feel sluggish and tired, and when people are tired, they don't want to sing! Stick to chips, meat and cheese trays, hot wings and sugary foods. These will keeps your guests happy and high energy.

Now, if you want to loosen up your guests vocal cords and inhibitions, there's nothing that does the trick quite like alcohol! Mixed drinks are your best choice. They are fun, flavorful, and, best of all, won't slow everyone down. Serve fun drinks like Jell-o shots or margaritas. Beer will weight people down just light heavy foods, so if you are going to serve beer, go with bottled. People tend to drink them a little slower, and their is less beer to them. Wine is generally best avoided, but if you must, go with a White Zinfandel or a Lambrusco. They tend to be more of the "party" wines. Also, make sure you have an amply supply of soda for any non-drinkers. Energy drinks are great too, but a little more expensive.

Step 3: Getting people in the mood
You're guests have arrived and the party is underway. This is the easy part. Have fun and sing! As the host, you may have to be the first one to sing. Most people don't want to be first up, so take charge and get things started! Then focus on encouraging the people who "LOVE" karaoke to get up there and sing, and try to get them to drag others up there with them. Many people need someone to sing with them first before they feel comfortable on their own.

Make sure you have people sign up on a list so you have a singing order, and make sure someone enforces that! Nothing can kill a karaoke party like having one drunk guy hog the microphone.

And there you have it! The recipe for a perfect karaoke party. Now, just make sure you don't wake the neighbors with your 3am performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.
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