Essay about The Planet Of The Galactic Planet Coalition

Essay about The Planet Of The Galactic Planet Coalition

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When you go to any of the planets in the galactic planet coalition, you will find almost every planet the same as far as technology goes. Because the tech is shared between all the planets, I will now describe each of the planets for you in exquisite detail.
The first planet, named Oestoria, was the first to join with earth in the galactic planet coalition. The sky is a reddish green. The planet is made up of six major continents, and the major city is on the largest of the continents. It has lush rolling fields of blue grass that is long and soft to the touch. It smells of ripe green apples sweet. The rolling fields go as far as the eye can see when you are outside the city.
The city looks like it was grown with the trees, but it is a white metal. The metal works as a heat and energy synch. The buildings are techno metal trees grown with a specific building in mind so that the tree takes that shape. It only takes about four weeks to get one to the size the building is supposed to be. The walk ways blend right into the grass so that it’s not an eye sore. There is no concept of money because everything that you need is free. Each building absorbs all the energy that it needs. They use something called a mass replicator to get any food they need. Instead of cars or anything like that there are just matter transport beam. This is works by pulling you apart atom by atom in a millisecond and sending you to your destination, where it recomposes you atom by atom. The ships that they use for space travel are grown like the buildings but use a different material so that it will hold up in the vacuum of space.
Planet Drainov was the second to join the coalition. This planet is maybe 90 percent water, so there is no city on the surface. ...

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...ithin their power to give it to you they will. They use the same mass replicator; they also have a matter constructor to build anything they need. This makes money useless because why buy anything when you can just make it.
The people in charge of the coalition are only in office for one year so that they don’t have a chance to get used to the power. Their job is to solve every problem that comes up with peace. Because none of the planets have any military because; that would defeat the purpose of the utopia. So when any threats come up they do whatever they can to solve it peacefully.
This is what I think a utopia would be no money people doing what they want to do not because they have to but because they want to. I would leave this whole life behind if I got the chance to live on anyone of these worlds. But it’s not just what I would do, it’s what you would do?

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