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Planet Earth Pole And Pole Essay

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While watching the video “Planet Earth Pole to Pole” I have learned many things such as One hundred years ago, there were 1 billion people on earth, and now there are more than 6 billion on earth. There are still places on earth where people have yet to interfere. One of the main reasons this is so untouched by humans is because of the harsh climates in these areas. The sun controls the life on earth. If the sun’s rays are too strong things will not grow and if the sun’s rays are weak things will not grow.
Male emperor penguins live in the Antarctic and face months with no sun. The temperature is minus 70 degrees Celsius. The penguins stay because they are guarding their eggs, which were above their feet under some fat. These are the only animals that stayed behind in the Antarctic. Once the sun shows itself again, the penguins start to move, and their eggs start to hatch.
While the sun left from the Antarctic, it lights up the North Pole area. The polar bear comes out of hibernation at this time. While hibernating the polar bear mother has given birth to two cubs. They were born blind and only when the sun reaches the north, then they see the light. They get milk from their mother who has lost lots of weight hibernating and feeding her young. Even though it is minus thirty degrees outside the mother needs to keep her young, active to find food. They are making their way to find their food source which mainly consists of seals. They must hunt quickly before the ice melts and shifts so far that they can’t reach the seals.
Summer brings twenty-four hours of sunlight to most of the high north. Most of the snow has melted from the Arctic tundra in northern Canada. The lack of snow allows almost three million caribo...

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...rong winds from the sea push clouds inland which will give water to all the plants and animals. The water doesn’t always fall evenly on the Earth, however. Many animals in South Africa are heading to a vast delta, which is dry when they have started their journey, but they all know that the water will come to that area. Wind and sandstorms hamper Their journey. Once they reach the water they all, jump in and celebrate making it to the water.
In conclusion, the sun’s rays have such a powerful influence on Earth. With too much sunlight, plants can 't grow and it the sun’s rays are too weak plants will not grow. Since many animals depend on lush plants to survive it is how the sun’s rays affect growing that controls where the animals will be. The sun’s rays also influence rains and storms. Without the sun, it is clear that no life would be possible on Earth.

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