Essay Planet Earth and Global Warming

Essay Planet Earth and Global Warming

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The planet Earth has been around for a really long time. Trees covered the grounds and all kinds of animals roamed the land. But this was before humans began to burn fossil fuels, before land was starting to be cleared, and before the climate began to change. The change in climate on planet Earth is called ‘global warming’. Some people do not believe that this phenomenon is really happening. Based on the facts, it really is happening. The surface of the Earth is warming rapidly and humans are a main cause. This paper is about global warming, the causes of it, the changes in climate on Earth, and the potential dangers of it.
Global warming is the phenomenon of the rising average air temperature near the Earth’s surface over the last couple of centuries. The theory of global warming was first released in 1896 by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist. He claimed that the cause of global warming was the burning of fossil fuels by humans (School, Climate Change, 2014). He and his fellow scientist, Thomas Chamberlin, concluded that the increasing air temperature was because of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the air was a direct effect of the burning of fossil fuels (NRDC).
Global warming is also referred to as climate change. Climate is a measure of the average pattern of variation in temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, and other variables in a given region over a period of time. The climate of Earth has been noticeably increasing since the Industrial Revolution (School, Climate Change, 2014). Scientist can tell climate change using a couple of different kinds of methods. A couple of the methods that these scientists use are looking at tree rings and observing ...

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