The Plague Of The Black Plague

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Imagine living in a time filled with nothing but fear. Fear of the unknown, forever questioning the how and why all before dying a painful slow death. Throughout history, humans have battled the idea of diseases, racing to find a cure or successful prevent it. However, we have not always been successful. In the 1300s, people were struck with a great plague, which has now been named “The Black Plague”. The Plague swept through Europe in the 14th century, killing millions of innocent people and causing the collapse of the Feudal system. The Black Death is considered one of the deadliest pandemics in history because of its dramatic affected cities, the questioning of religion, and also remains the most deadly event in history. In many instances, death has been the most constant aspect of creating the new world. Throughout the exist of the human species, several parts of the world have experienced great pandemics causing global tragedies. In the early 1340s, a deathly disease caused by fleas surfaced the face of the earth killing millions. Historians named this event the Black Plague, as these pandemics attacked hundreds of cities and countries. Evidenced proves that the black plague caused more deaths than a war fought on the American and European soil. Killing an estimated 75 million people still wonder how their luck ran out. The Black Plague arrived on the European soil by boat in the late 14 century. After a long journey across the black sea, many sailors were dead before they could return home. The few that were still alive had a fever and covered in unknown black pus-filled boils. The appearance of these mysteries black bumps doctors developed the name the Black Death. Unable to s... ... middle of paper ... ...yle of the population would have to be altered to futher prevent the pread of the rodents and fleas. Catioun and cleaniness are everything. Million of lives was taken because of the inablity to successful provide good medical assist and explanitation. The Black Plague was a major event in history that changed the shape of society today. Now we have systems to keep our communities clean, people look to God for guidance still however when it comes to major health concerns medical system is provided, and death rates to disease have a decrease. The black plague seems to be unpredictable and also an unstoppable disease that millions of innocent people loss their lives too. No type of medicine or science can hep the mysteries unknown as the Black Plague. Changing European society drastically, the Black plague still remains a unforgotten infamous time in history.

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