Plagiarism Is Becoming A Bigger Problem Essay

Plagiarism Is Becoming A Bigger Problem Essay

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Plagiarism is becoming a bigger problem, which concerns not only students, but also different types of artists. Although it would seem that making up homework or writing a term paper in the era of the internet is so easy, it might end up with expulsion from college or a court judgement. That is why people should think twice before they use someone else 's work - even if it is recast or just quote someone 's statement, signed under the own name. These days, plagiarism is easily found around us. This assignment will cover a definition and different types of plagiarism. It also will explain the ways to avoid plagiarize other people.

Plagiarism is known as a using other person’s work or borrowing original ideas and claiming it as your own. It can be intentional and unintentional. This is the form of cheating, easy way to gain intended goal and/or the lack of ability to self-writing. In stronger words it can be said, that plagiarism is a stealing someone else’s work and lying about this afterward. Plagiarism is also ‘ignoring usually well-publicised obligations to do this’ (Neville, 2007, p.29). People who plagiarize, copy word for word, as someone else used in their own work. They may make only minor, sometimes unnoticeable changes. Some people do not even realize that they copy or closely paraphrase other people’s work. Copyright infringement can be found when someone takes copyright holder work without authorisation or compensation, if compensation is appropriate, and it can include for example a song, a video or a photograph, while plagiarism is about copying whole sentences of other’s work. The main difference between plagiarism and copyright is that the plagiarism is an ethic issue while copyright is illegal.

Plagiarism can...

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...words that seem to do this best for you’ (Neville, 2007, p.37).The easiest way to avoid this is to write everything in your own words. It does not mean to change or replace words in the sentence, but show that given informations are understandable.

In conclusion, an attempt has been made to understand that plagiarism has a negative effects which are becoming more apparent and it is hard to fight with this. This is primarily a moral issue, but also legal. That is why such an important thing is to be aware of the quality and scale of the danger, but also the will to tackling the problem of theft of intellectual property. People should remember about consequences of plagiarize other’s work and apply to the above-mentioned principles of avoiding plagiarism. This piece of work covered all the most important things about plagiarism, about which everyone should know.

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