Plagiarism : A Common Stigma Of Society Essay

Plagiarism : A Common Stigma Of Society Essay

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Plagiarism. It’s a word that simply has a terrible reputation and will automatically relate itself to the world of writing and academics. For ages, it had been rooted in the academia and vast numbers of different professions. With the advancement of the Information Technology and Internet, the problem seems to spread wider throughout the world. Nowadays, a common stigma of society regarding plagiarism is that it happens broadly among the students of our generation, and it seems to grow at a concerning rate. If this situation continues, it will affect the intellectual level of our future generation. Due to the structural and ideal complexity of plagiarism itself, the matter itself prove too handful to be solved. The first step to resolve the issue is to understand the issue. According to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, plagiarism is defined as “the deliberate or reckless representation of another’s words, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own without attribution in connection with submission of academic work, whether graded or otherwise.” (Quoted from Instrument of Student Judicial Governance, Section II.B.1.). Not only the act of stealing others’ idea is considered plagiarism, incorrect citation is also redeemed as plagiarism. In higher education levels, colleges and universities, plagiarism is treated with full seriousness, and those who are found guilty of it will be sentenced to some ‘severe’ punishment, either a suspension or expelled from the institution. Despite the harsh punishments, students still ‘bravely’ plagiarize in their assignments. How can we stop this difficult phenomenon from further spreading in the academia? Plagiarism can be stopped if all sides, students, instructors, and administrators, work together...

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...inted on the hands of students, instead it requires the combined efforts from all sides: students, teachers and administrators. This cooperation of the three sides may not happen overnight, but a small step along the progress will surely give out positive result. Despite all the steps provided, we can see the importance in fighting plagiarism in academic institution for it shapes the future leader. The matter needs to be resolved for it challenges our learning institutions and students’ integrity is at line. Failure in stopping the plagiarism can result in having future generations without honesty and integrity in their ‘heart’. If not prevented, they can find comfort and loophole in doing such unethical act that they can be really good at it. If they find that doing such terrible action ‘justified’ and normal, what will happen of these people in their future career?

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