Essay on Placing Transitional Migration : The Sociospatial Networks Of Bolivians

Essay on Placing Transitional Migration : The Sociospatial Networks Of Bolivians

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In Chapter 16: Placing transitional Migration: The Sociospatial Networks of Bolivians in the United States By M.D. Price talks about how Hispanics play a huge role in the United States immigration. The biggest demographic shift is in the increase of Hispanics. Today Hispanics are the largest minority group in the United States. This chapter focuses on a specific Hispanic group: Bolivians. How Bolivians come to USA to receive a better life. Though Bolivians have specialties like having soccer leagues, folkloric dances, and specialty food like saltenas it still hard to find “Little Bolivia” around. Bolivians also have a different socioeconomics than the average Hispanics. Though no certain research question was asked this chapter includes a case study on how it’s possible for the community to get into the United States and how they keep ties with their homeland. In Washington D.C the transitional communities are not ethnic enclaves. The chapter goes onto show where Bolivians are today into the United States. In table 16.1 you can see all the different and how the percentages and total number of Bolivians in that area. Bolivians tend to reside in metro politician areas but are more likely to live in suburban counties in the District of Columbia.
I agreed with the findings from his chapter. It seems like it is hard to actually meet Bolivians because they aren’t too spread out in the states and they are a very small minority. The table 16.1 helps show the location of Bolivians and it’s pretty big in metro politician areas. I wouldn’t expect to run into a Bolivian in Kenosha, WI but I might if I was in Virginia. If I could make this chapter better I would like to go in depth to why Bolivians want to come to USA. The book states, “ In ...

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...ould like to do a research on different ethnicities that have came to the United States. I would like to do mine on Jamaicans and Asian Indians and their reasons for coming to the United States. I feel like these two cultures and different as they may be, don’t have a lot of studies done on them. I would like to see what was their reason for leaving their homeland, what hardships they faced, and which location do they thrive in more. I really want to be able to see how they gain foothold in the United States. By doing paper on Bolivians and Liberians it helps show me what different ethnic groups wish to come to the United States. I would use the history and economical challenges Bolivians and Liberians faced and use them to compare and contrast Indians and Jamaicans. This would show if these socio-economical problems are spread to other regions or in certain areas.

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