Places to Visit in Memphis, Tennessee Essay

Places to Visit in Memphis, Tennessee Essay

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Places to Visit in Memphis

Memphis is considered the home of blues music, but the city’s claim to fame also includes the mansion Elvis Presley lived in. Although the city has many wonderful attractions, these are the most memorable places to visit in Memphis.

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee with a population totaling more than 670,000. Besides being the house of blues, the city is also famous because of Elvis Presley’s mansion, Greenland. For its size, Memphis is jammed with must-do and must-see choices, so if you want to experience its full flavor, consider staying for a few days. Although Graceland is the city’s most famous attraction, there are numerous places to visit in Memphis. Beale Street and the Memphis Zoo are the most visited attraction in Memphis. We also included the National Civil Rights Museum, Sun Studio and Shelby Farms Park on the must-see list.

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee with a population totaling more than 670,000. Memphis is considered to be the home of blues music, but the city’s claim to fame also includes the mansion Elvis Presley...

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