Placement of Patients with Alzheimer's Essay

Placement of Patients with Alzheimer's Essay

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Alzheimer’s Placement
Imagine waking up and you can’t remember where you are or who your own husband is. That’s Alzheimer’s disease, so what exactly is it? Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that attacks the brain causing normal functions and everyday living so unfamiliar. “Without memory there is no knowledge to recreate or reproduce past perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and actions that are so vital to live a full and functioning life. Memory is the key that unlocks doors that keep us functioning, not only mentally but physically (Corrick 32).” As the brain is being attacked and starts to shut down it is no longer safe to be living at home without direct supervision. When Alzheimer’s patients can longer live or be taken care of at home the next step is usually a new supervised home. An Alzheimer’s unit can be a scary place at first but it is the best place besides a nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients.
Family members are always approaching my place of employment at a nursing home in search for a new home for their loved ones who they can no longer care for. When Alzheimer’s strikes families want their loved ones to be in a safe, healthy environment, and a nursing home is most commonly the first choice. Working in a nursing home for the past year I can personally say it is a wonderful alternative for the elderly than living at home. For Alzheimer’s patients who are constantly confused, wondering around, and trying to go “home” I do not feel that a nursing home is the best place that they can live. There isn’t enough staff at all times to ensure the privacy and safety of the Alzheimer’s residents plus the other 50 residents we have on the hall. Working with Alzheimer’s patients everyday they have really made a special place in...

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...l day. At SCU’s they have the same type of idea, a bracelet that sounds off an alarm when someone goes by an opens a door or walks outside. This way there is always staff aware that they’re outside and they can go with them. The SCU’s specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients so they are aware and know how to talk and redirect angry residents which is why a SCU is the best option for Alzheimer’s patients.
In conclusion by placing an Alzheimer’s patient in a special care unit we will be maximizing their safety, encouraging social activities, and also raising awareness to families and others that these facilities were made special just for residents with Alzheimer’s. Even though this step in life is tragic and very hard to do and accept, these facilities really are the best place for family members who can no longer take care of their loved ones by themselves.

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