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The Place I Call Home Essay

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Chihuahua the Place I Call Home
Each one of us have a special place that we like to call home. For me home is not only the place where I currently live. Home is where I made my most important memories both good and bad, where I have no regrets, and the place that I have to look back to every time I need to remember who I am. My hometown for me is not only the place where I was born and raised, it is the place where my story begin, the place that made me who I am, and perhaps the place that defines who I will become. As stated before, the place I call home is the place where I made the most important memories in my life. Nonetheless, other factors like people, certain places, situations, and historical events make up those memories. Therefore, all those other factors together make up what I define as home.
My home is located in the northwestern Mexican state of Chihuahua. Chihuahua is the largest state in the country, and it borders with the United States of America. Even though Chihuahua is part of Mexico, it is not like all the other Mexican states. Unlike most Mexican states, Chihuahua is home to thousands of people from all over Mexico and Central America who all have something in common; they all decided to designate Chihuahua as their new home because it promised opportunities and a better future for everyone. Chihuahua not only has welcomed immigrants, but it also has stayed true to its Native American roots. From my personal point of view, my family and I are a good example of what an average “chihuahuense” family is; my dad’s side of the family has been in the state for multiple generations as we have indigenous ancestry, and my mom immigra...

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...ack and trying to remember what it was like to live in the beautiful state of Chihuahua, has made realize how much the experience of growing up in a state going through globalization has influenced my life and personality. The courage the immigrants had to leave everything they knew behind to build a better future in Chihuahua, the simplicity and dignity of the raramuri’s life style, and the moral values of most citizens of Chihuahua are the biggest influences in my personality that I can give credit to my home state for. I never got to see the Chihuahua my mother described as country and simple without factories, pollution, or crime; but, I got to see for myself the present Chihuahua with diversity, opportunities, industrialization, and even a lot of American influence and all I can say is that I adore that place I call home with its many strengths and weaknesses.

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