Pizza Ranch versus Pizza Hut Essays

Pizza Ranch versus Pizza Hut Essays

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The Ranch
When Maddie thinks of eating pizza at a restaurant, similar to most people, she thinks of Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has always been known as one of the leading pizza restaurants because it is spread across the country. Almost anyone can say that they have eaten pizza from there before including Maddie. However, there is another pizza restaurant that is starting to shove its foot into the pizza industry. That restaurant is Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch has only begun spreading its roots across the United States, therefore, it is not as widely known as Pizza Hut. In Maddie’s opinion, Pizza Ranch is a better restaurant than Pizza Hut because it has some of the many traits that make up an excellent restaurant. The most important reason that Maddie loves pizza ranch is because it is a friendly environment. From the first minute someone walks through Pizza Ranch’s door to the last, guests are treated like family. Another reason that Maddie enjoys pizza ranch is Buffet Your Way. Buffet Your Way allows Maddie to order anything that she wants and not have to pay any more money for it if she is eating the buffet. This is one of the best features of Pizza Ranch that puts it above Pizza Hut. Furthermore, Pizza Ranch always has a clean environment because the workers care about how the place looks. This restaurant also is more efficient about getting food to its customers than Pizza Hut. However, some people might argue that Pizza Hut has better tasting pizza than Pizza Ranch. Although Pizza Hut is one of the most popular Pizza restaurants, Pizza Ranch is a better restaurant because it has a friendly atmosphere, Buffet Your Way, a clean environment, and fast service.
One of the main reasons that Pizza Ranch is a better restaurant than Pizza H...

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...e up for these few shortcomings.
Pizza Ranch has many factors that make it shine over Pizza Hut. The main reason that it is a better restaurant is because Pizza Ranch has friendlier service than Pizza Hut. Pizza Ranch goes even further to creating a great environment for its guests because it offers Buffet Your Way and fast service, so that each customer can walk out of Pizza Ranch with a full stomach and a big smile on their face. These factors combine with cleanliness to give Pizza Ranch a great environment. In the end, the debate between Pizza Ranch pizza and Pizza Hut pizza will always be based on personal opinion, but all of the other factors that Pizza Ranch has makes it a better restaurant than Pizza Hut. Because Pizza Ranch has friendly service, Buffet Your Way, fast service, a clean atmosphere, and amazing pizza, it is a better restaurant than Pizza Hut.

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