Pit Bulls Be A Dangerous Dog Essay

Pit Bulls Be A Dangerous Dog Essay

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There has been a battle between Pit Bulls being a dangerous dog and their dangerous more because of the owner. Some people just say that Pit Bulls are born dangerous, because of the breed. Some people claim that Pit Bulls are dangerous, because the owner didn’t raise their dog correctly. In many cities they have banned breeds such as Pit Bulls. Others see Pit Bulls as a very friendly dog when it is trained to be well behaved, and actually like to rescue them for that reason. There has been tests done and facts stated to prove that Pit Bulls aren’t the problem the owners are.
People claim that “Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous no matter how they 're treated, because violence is in their DNA.” (Alter, The Problem With Pit Bulls) Colleen Lyne says “ Why do herding dogs herd? Why do pointing dogs point? They don 't learn that behavior, that 's selective behavior...Pit Bulls were specifically bred to go into that pit with the aggression and fight.” Merritt Clifton agrees saying “Every kind of dog is neglected and abused...and not every kind of dog responds to the neglect and abuse by killing and injuring people.”
According to dogbites.org since 2007, when Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting, the attacks have grown dramastically. From the years of 2002-2007 the attacks stayed around 100-150 per year. Now after Vick 's conviction is has risen to over 500 attacks every year. Lynn warns us saying “We need to get used to mauling injuries, because we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them.”
To fix this problem people are suggesting breed specific sterilization. PETA agrees and clams “These dogs were bred to be bait bulls. They were bred to fight each other to the death...just because we’re and animal rights organization doesn ...

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... the American Temperament Test Society, American Pit Bulls passed the test with flying colors. Out of 870 Pit Bulls tested for temperament 755 of them passed. That means 86.8% of them were well behaved, and didn 't have a temper. Out of all the breeds that were tested for temperament the Pit Bulls got 2nd place. Labs came in 1st, Mixed breeds in 3rd, and even the Golden Retriever, one of the most famous “family dogs” lost to the Pit Bulls and scored an 85.2 placing them in 4th.
This Battle will go on forever. People that own Pit Bulls just need to the their dogs love and affection. The breed is not the problem, the way they are trained and taken care of is the problem. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is. If it is trained, taught proper human/dog socialization, their health is maintained, and it is treated like family, it will be a good behaving family member.

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