Essay on The Pistol : The Birth Of A Legend

Essay on The Pistol : The Birth Of A Legend

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The movie I chose for this assignment was called The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend. This movie was about a young boy by the name of Pete Maravich who had a dream to become a great basketball player like his father Press Maravich. However, during this process he was faced with adversity of being too short and too flashy but he overcame the adversity he faced and became a hall of fame basketball player. Pete was dedicated to the game and no matter the weather outside he was out working on his skills even in a thunderstorm. During this moment when Pete is out working on his game in the thunderstorm his father pulls up in his car and gets out to play one-on-one with him. Despite it being a thunderstorm outside and his son is out in the thunderstorm he didn’t make his son go in the house but he supported what he was doing and got involved to help his son work on his skills. Pete’s father was always trying to give him basketball drills or tricks to do to build confidence in his son so he supported his son in every way possible to show Pete that he was there to help him accomplish his dreams in anyway necessary. Also, Pete father would say, “A good basketball player can make up for a lot if he has hands as fast as a gun fire” then he would get Pete to do a drill where held a basketball at the bottom of his neck and Pistol has to clap his hands in front of him then catch the ball when his father drops the basketball (Schroeder, 1991). Pete was not very successful when first trying this drill and so Pete’s mother told Pet’s father Press that it’s impossible and so the father completed this drill just to show his son that it was possible. Pete father just stayed on his son about confidence and the difference between thinking you can do som...

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...onclusion because Pete’s father was always the one pushing him and letting him know when he was doing the right or wrong thing whether it was on or off the court. Also, another example during this movie was when the Pete’s mother asked his father did he tell his son that he has to quit the team and even though it was the mother’s idea or opinion for her son to quit the team she relied on Pete’s father to deliver the new to their son. Another fact is that back then kids didn 't have many distractions such as social media, tvs, or phones so children had activities they were involved in. Pete was very involved in basketball and that was the only thing that was on his mind and his father made sure he was dedicated. However, there are some parents today who don 't push their children or child to find an extracurricular activity to be involved in or dedicate themselves to.

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