Piracy Of The Music And Film Essay

Piracy Of The Music And Film Essay

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Piracy in the music and film is an ever-growing issue that people who choose to join the industries must live with and adapt to as technology and times change. The issue with piracy is not as cut and dry as people perceive. There are many people who lose serious cash from illegal downloading and streaming; on the other hand, there are those whose entire careers have been made from free streaming or downloading and would not be where they are today if it weren’t for piracy.

I had the chance to have an amazing interview with Darryl Ohrt, a former singer of a punk rock band who worked in the music business for 10 years, after ran a digital agency that did work with music labels like SONY; who has also worked with a few bands in terms of promotion on social media, and now advises startups and other creative agencies. I also interviewed Bill Green, who started as an art director and worked at many agencies performing many roles, and now is the Executive Vice President and Chief of Strategy at Noble Mouse Interactive Marketing Agency. They provided first hand insight on the effects of piracy in the music and film industry.

Who benefits from piracy?

This depends largely on how you determine success, and what you use to measure this.

• Monetarily
• Popularity
• Views
• Distribution

Artists can become massively famous, while generating minimum income (i.e., YouTubers), and alternatively, semi-famous artists can generate significant bank with only a moderate but devoted fan base. Piracy benefits those who benefit from distribution. This also depends on which side we are talking about how you define piracy. Who are the ones always making money? Lawyers on both sides because they always get paid for the plaintiffs, especially in co...

... middle of paper ...

...ough free usage with ads or subscription), and it’s more practical than purchasing a digital unit. That’s the key to beating piracy. If everyone uses the same system, it makes it harder for alternative distribution channels to pop up that fall outside legal boundaries. (Gans, Information Economics & Policy, 3258-64)

Piracy seems to be here to stay. That said, I don’t know that I accept the need to have piracy be something we tolerate, only because it almost always means the artists suffers in the equation. Creators are the ones who should control how their works are distributed. Fans want to listen to their favorite music. Distributors are only in it for the money. Everything has to come with a price because nothing in this world is free; we should respect that, have some integrity, and pay for the hard work that these artists have put their hearts into.

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