Piracy is A Problem, But the Stop Online Piracy Act is Not An Answer Essay

Piracy is A Problem, But the Stop Online Piracy Act is Not An Answer Essay

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The internet is one of the few things in the world that is truly all over the world. Millions use the internet every day for more reasons than one person can think of; to connect with family and friends, find information for a research paper, or to achieve the perfect chicken masala recipe. The internet is made up of a mass expanse of web content and copyright, which is where online piracy comes in. Online piracy is the illegal use or distribution of copyrighted content, such as music, films, and can even include pharmaceuticals. Millions of dollars are ripped off every year from the illegal downloading of just music. In the visual that I have included you will see that America tops the list of music illegally downloaded from BitTorrent.com at about 97 million downloads in just half of 2012. Millions of dollars that are stolen from the industries that make most of their money from copyright. There are already laws in place to fight piracy, including the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) that was enacted in 1998. Though it has made an impression on stopping online piracy there are a couple of things that restrict the act; it only has jurisdiction on American websites and is outdated compared to our fast paced society.That is why in late 2011 the House of Representatives introduced the bill H.R.3261: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The goal of this bill is innocent: to stop online piracy and protect property on the internet.
SOPA was designed to give the Department of Justice “the ability to require US-based internet service providers (ISPs) to prevent users from accessing foreign piracy websites and force payment companies or advertising companies to stop providing their services to piracy websites” (“Stop Online Piracy Act (...

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...cy”. 2/11/2014

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