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Pioneer Life on the Oregon Trail Essays

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“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” This was one of the famous quotes that the pioneers came up with because the baby would be the last one to take a bath. I don’t agree with the people who traveled the long and treacherous trail to Oregon because they just put themselves in danger. There were many dangerous conflicts that the pioneers did not think of before they went on their journey west. All of the conflicts could have been avoided if the pioneers decided to stay in their homes in the east and not traveled the Oregon Trail. The conflicts could not have been avoided because the pioneers that decided to travel where not prepared for the things that could happen to them.
The first factor was that a family of four on the Oregon Trail would need over one thousand pounds of food to survive trail. The pioneers had to bring just the right amount of food along on the trail the pioneers did not bring heavy things that they had in their houses in the east. The pioneers did not have any furniture in the wagons because it was too heavy to bring. The pioneers did not have a constant supply of hay with them. They pretty much had to be very organized and well thought out each day of the trip.
I love it when we go camping and we cook our meal over an open fire. It always seems like the food taste better when you are camping. The pioneers cooked their daily meal over an open fire. The pioneers ate bacon every meal. The bacon was raw or cooked. The pioneers ate bread, beans, bacon, ham, and dried fruit every meal. The pioneers would sometimes get to eat quail and buffalo. The pioneers did not have much to cook. The pioneers had to eat the same food day after day after day.
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