Pilots Make An Outstanding Wage Essay

Pilots Make An Outstanding Wage Essay

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Flying a plane can be an interesting hobby, or so I have heard. I am actually looking to become a pilot because being up in the air is fascinating to me. When something that you enjoy is crossed with a salary, and that salary is too low to make a living then problems are bound to start. I am one to believe that pilots make an outstanding wage, but of course I have seen horror stories about pilots being overworked and underpaid. The movie Capitalism: A Love Story seems to make this statement very clear. In this movie some of the people interviewed said they made $19,000 to $23,000 a year. This is shocking because I have seen estimates of what pilots could make in a year. The fact that airlines can get away with paying their pilots lower salaries due to the fact that they enjoy the job is sickening. The movie has shown me that safety has been compromised because the pilot was overworked. The movie shows a 3407 crashing into Clarence Center of Buffalo, New York. If an airline overworks their pilot’s things are bound to go wrong.
How are airlines able to get away with paying their pilots low wages, and expect them to get a second job on the side? This is a question I have never asked before because I never knew that pilots were paid so little. I know that airline pilots can make up to $100,000 in a year depending on the airline, and the experience the pilot has. The movie Capitalism: A Love Story claims pilots only make 18 percent of that. I want to see if that is true because I know being a pilot is not only enjoyable but stressful as well. I know that every detail was not shown in this movie. The “Poverty Pilots” section of Capitalism: A Love Story does not fully depict the average wage of the middle class, pilots, a...

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...e others suffer in an economy that works for the rich. I want to see our nation stand on both feet and fight against the one percent that seem to always get richer. As a society, everyone needs to do their part, and fight back against the rich because things are not going to get any better for the economy. I do not want to see chaos throughout the world; I want to see better days with everyone working together on the task of survival. If everyone was not held up on money aiding their life we might be able to move past poverty and move on towards a life of paradise. I just want to see better days, but I feel the days are limited to what is in people 's pockets. If jobs were not as scarce I feel things would get done, but of course money always interferes with that. Just imagine our society where everyone worked together to achieve the same goal throughout life.

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