Essay about The Pilot Episode Of Gossip Girl

Essay about The Pilot Episode Of Gossip Girl

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In order to complete an analysis of a television show through six basic theoretical approaches, I chose to use the pilot episode of Gossip Girl due to its strong representation of class differences. In this episode, the interesting characters of the Upper East Side are introduced and viewers begin to get a sense of the lifestyles that they live. From the elite, to the middle class, issues and attitudes are established. All of the main characters attend an established private high school and seem to backstab each other as a form of entertainment. The main issues of this first episode are Serena sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend, Lower class Dan’s infatuation with the upper class Serena, and Chuck being an overall bad person and predator towards women. Along with these established issues, there is also an emphasis on the parents and their role in the main character’s lives as well as their own issues.
The episode “Pilot” first aired on September 19, 2007. The show ran its course on The CW, which is owned in a partnership between CBS and Time Warner. The focus of the show is on high school students who eventually move on to college, therefore I would say the target audience was around the ages of 12-25. That is a difficult target audience because some of the material could be too mature for the younger range of audience members, which in fact ended up being an issue with the Parents Television Council. Regardless of its criticism, Gossip Girl was an anticipated show from the beginning due to its influence from a best-selling novel, and its pilot episode had 3.5 million viewers. The show ended up being successful, running for six seasons and inspiring adaptations in other countries. When looking at the show from a theoretical...

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...d as a parent to the rest of the upper class families. Nate’s family is also worried about appearances, particularly in the case of his father. His father will accept nothing less than Nate going to an Ivy League school, because it is the only respectable choice for someone of status. He also forces Nate to remain in a relationship with Blair so he does not lose a business deal with Blair’s mother in fear that it will look bad for the families. Blair’s mother is clearly focused on appearances, she is constantly worried about the way Blair looks and commenting on the fact that Blair needs to embrace this time in her life because she “will never be more beautiful, or thin, or happy” than she is right now. By presenting the upper class to the viewers in this way it will reinforce their beliefs that in order to move up in class than you have to maintain your appearances.

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