Essay on Piecing It All Together : Murder Of Mccook High School Freshman

Essay on Piecing It All Together : Murder Of Mccook High School Freshman

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Piecing It All Together
Murder of McCook High School Freshman
People from all over the country think that, just because I live in Nebraska I live tucked
away from the tragedies of life. They think that just because I live here we are just out drinking
beer, working in the fields, and heading to Lincoln on ‘Husker Game Day.’ How can you
possibly think that we do not live in real world problems? Our work less stressful, our problems
less painful; I can not remember the last time I saw the streets of Lincoln flooded in red. For the
last 5 years, I’ve been living in the Nebraska of ‘my classmate being beaten to death’, ‘puffy
eyes’, and ‘loss of hope’. Yeah, well this Nebraska life sucks.
Five years ago on January 24, 2011 the lives of every family in McCook and every
classmate in the class of 2014 was changed forever. Kailee Nicole Clapp, my classmate and
locker neighbor, was gone forever, murdered by the “love of her life.” Small town Nebraska does
not sound so fun now, does it? On the cold, snowy day in January death swarmed the streets of
McCook long before the crack of dawn. A young...

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