15 Piece Stained Glass Pattern Analysis Essay

15 Piece Stained Glass Pattern Analysis Essay

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“The 1,113 scenes depicted in the 15 stained glass windows tell the story of mankind from Genesis through to Christ’s resurrection. Fourteen of the windows, depicting episodes from the bible should be read from left to right, from the bottom upwards.” (“A gem”). The first window shows the images of Genesis and the beginning while the second is the story of Moses who was found by an Egyptian princess after his mother sent him away to save his life. He would later lead the Hebrews out of slavery. The third image is the Book of Numbers which relates the story of Israel’s journey from Mount Sinai to the plains of Moab on the border of Canaan. Deuteronomy is shown on the fourth window. This book contains four sermons that Moses gave to the people before entering the Promised Land. The fifth window shows scenes from Judges, which is the story of how God let the Israelites suffer after worshiping false Gods. Later, God would send them judges to help them lead a righteous life but they would eventually go back to their wicked living style. Eventually God would save his people. The sixth window shows the Book of Isaiah, the tree of Jesse represents the bloodline of Jesus. Jesse, the father of King David is also the ancestor of Christ. The seventh window shows the life of the blessed Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist. Christ in his glory is the eighth window and the ninth shows the story of two very important men: St. John the Baptist and Daniel. John the Baptist was the man who baptized while Daniel was a man who wouldn’t give up his faith and was thrown to the lions. However, he was saved by God as a reward for his faith. On the tenth window are images of the ezekial prophecies. There are three sections, the fall of Jerusalem, peopl...

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...ther Sun, who is the day and through whom You give us light, and he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor; and bears a likeness of You, Most High One.” As the sun shines through the glass windows, one is surrounded by the light of the bible and God himself.
While the St.- Chappelle represents the church and it’s growing power in Europe, it also represents a different church. Before, the Catholic Church had resented reason and thought it to be an enemy of their faith. However, Thomas Aquinas had changed that idea and the church had put their stamp of approval on scholaticsim. If Pope John XXII hadn’t approved of Aquinas’ Five Ways and make it a a mandatory course for people joining the priesthood, Gothic architecture wouldn’t exist. Without the use of reason and logic that scholasticism had used, architects would not be able to build great gothic cathedrals.

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